Michael Cirelli – the NYC poet

MICHAEL CIRELLI  is the author of the NY Times Book Review independent press best seller, “ Lobster with Ol’ Dirty Bastard”. His book is a collection of poetry inspired by music, culture, and rap heroes. Michael’s work has appeared in The Best American Poetry, New York Quarterly, Texas Review, Poetry Daily, Hanging Loose, and King Magazine among others.

Michael’s newest collection, “Everyone loves The Situation”, analyzes the hit reality show “Jersey Shore”. Some of the poems in his new book are titled “Pauly D Lives Up to The Lifestyle”, and “Snooki”. These poems are entertaining for the reality TV show fans, critics and even people who have never seen the extremely popular MTV show, “Jersey Shore”. His poems touch on the politics of subculture and assimilation, while using the popular TV show as a medium for expressing his thoughts.

Aside from being an accomplished poet, Michael Cirelli is also the Executive Director of Urban word NYC, a grassroots non-profit organization that provides free writing and performance opportunities to NYC teens. The organization has really expanded since 2004, when Michael first joined it. It now works in over 100 schools and serves 15,000 youth a year. The organization has also started a college prep program in order to inspire teens to graduate high school and go to college. Urban Word NYC gives away $250,000 in scholarships and has a college fair that attracts around 2,000 students a year. They also travel to France, where they visit schools, like on May 13th 2012, in La Courneuve.

Writing three successful books,  “Everyone Loves The Situation” (Penmanship books, 2011), “Vacations on the Black Star Line” (Hanging Loose Press, 2010) , and “Lobster With Ol’ Dirty Bastard” hanging Loose Press, 2008), while also being the Executive Director of one of the nation’s largest literary arts organizations, Michael Cirelli has become quite popular in the recent years.

Read poems by Michael Cirelli in the poetry magazine Segue


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