Rouda – the New Urban Poetry

R-O-U-D-A : these five letters sound the name of the warrior of one of today’s growing urban music communities.

Alone or at the center of 129H, the first French slam collective, created by Rouda and some of his collaborators in 2001, Rouda is an active member in this exciting new culture which comes straight from spoken word and the tradition of vocal battles.

Over the course of various soirées and performances (at the Café Culturel in St. Denis and Bouchazoreill’ Slam Nights), he has even become one of the principal participants.

No stranger to festivals like the Etonnants Voyageurs of Saint Malo, his work as an activist has taken him all over North Africa and the region surrounding Paris. Rouda continues to frequent writing workshops and associations in the Paris area.

After almost ten years of writing and performing, over the course of which he has produced a multitude of projects and collaborations, Rouda has now prepared a new album entitled “A l’Ombre des Brindilles” (In the Shadow of Twigs).

Myspace : Rouda on myspace


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