Souleymane Diamanka – “Black Bazar”


Born in Senegal, Souleymane Diamanka grew up in France, where he began working on words,  abiding by creation laws, inventing palindromes, for instance. First involved in an
hip-hop group, he chooses words over dance and becomes a well- known slammeur, creating a  jazzy and intimist atmosphere, with some African accents. He has worked with John Banzaï  and Grand Corps Malade, and while writing for Les Nubians, he recorded his first album as  a soloist, L’Hiver Peul (Barclay). Souleymane Diamanka took part in the creation of ECHOS  Nubian Voyager, a CD contained in a poetry collection, as a member of the ECHOS  collective, which gathers together great talents, both French and American-speaking urban poets. – Souleymane Diamanka on Myspace.

“Black Bazar Face A”c. Do Akongo / a. Alain Mabanckou
int. Souleymane Diamanka / Modogo Abarambwa / Sam Tshintu
Black Bazar – 2012 (Mabanckou /Lusafrica-Sony)
Clip par Bruno Savoeda

>> Pour en savoir plus sur Black Bazar, rendez vous sur le site internet du monde, un article
y est consacré: La double face d’un roi de la “Sape”

Vous y retrouverez notamment une Interview de  Alain Mabanckou par Patrick Labesse.


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